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Hello Figmeister,
I was wondering what you and the other staff would feel about a wiki-sanctioned Discord server? If you do not already know, Discord is a free chat client where servers can host multiple different text channels (useful for categorizing certain topics of chat) as well as voice chat options. If you would like to know more, this is their features list "". Anyways, I was thinking you or another admin could put a link to the server in the wiki sidebar, and this server would be the official chat room of the wiki. I think the RCT Wiki in particular would benefit from this because I (and I'm certain many others as well) would enjoy a place where we can discuss things about the series, including personal parks, rides, favorite scenarios, game quirks, etc. Seeing as this wiki does not appear to have much in the way of a forum or discussion section (I would have originally posted this there, had I been able to find it), the Discord server could be a good location to discuss wiki-related matters and editing.
Sigmund Fraud<ac_metadata title="Discord Suggestion"> </ac_metadata>