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Hi Sora!

If you see an obvious mistake an editor made, like in Insect World, and you know what should be written there instead, always go ahead and correct it. I even encourage everyone to do so as it takes less effort for everyone and it makes our wiki better sooner.

Orang-utans seemed better readable to me but both spellings are correct.

For pictures in infoboxes, just replace the placeholder.jpg in the line |pic=Placeholder.JPG with the correct file name. In Visual Editor, type it in the pic field.

Yes, the Ride Exchange is what you think it is and anyone can participate. I didn't, so far. But there are instructions and information on our wiki. If you have any questions you could ask Androgeos Exeunt who was active a short time ago. If to upload your own rides or not, is totally up to you, of course.

PS: Do I suppose right that long sentences are typical for Hungarian? :D