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This template allows you to display your preferred stall of choice as a userbox on your own user page, with a link to the stall's article for convenience. Add the highlighted line below to your own userpage, replacing <stall> with the name of your preferred stall as it appears in-game:

{{Userbox Stall|<stall>}}

Valid names comprise all stalls available in RCT1 and RCT2, including their official expansion packs. If you spelled the stall wrong, use an RCT3 name or do not declare a stall, the userbox image will show the Shops & Stalls head from RCT1/RCT2's Rides & Attractions menu and you will get a redlink, like so:

This user's favorite stall is
Burger Stand

Special Text

Name Variations

By default, the template will use the art from RCT1 if the name of your preferred stall is the same across games. However, in the case of stalls with name variations, the template will then use the art from the earliest game that uses that name (and in the case of RCT3 stalls, it will use the floating head from RCT1/RCT2's Rides & Attractions menu).