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This user's favorite scenario is

Template Documentation

This template allows you to display your favourite scenario as a userbox on your own user page. Add the highlighted line below to your own userpage, replacing <scenario> with the scenario name and, optionally, <theme> with a park entrance theme:

{{Userbox Scenario|<scenario>|<theme>}}

<scenario> accepts any text, but only scenarios with an article on this wiki with the exact same name will be displayed as a blue link.

<theme> is an optional field and only changes if you enter the full name of a park entrance theme, as it is shown on The Complete Park Entrance List. If you spell only part of the park entrance theme's full name, spell the name of the park entrance theme wrong, or do not enter any text, the template will use the Traditional Park Entrance as its picture.

<scenario> must be entered before <theme>; the two fields cannot be switched around under any circumstances.


Rows shaded in green are examples of correct inputs; cells shaded in red are examples of incorrect inputs.

<scenario> <theme> Input Result Details
Mel's World (blank) {{Userbox Scenario|Mel's World}}
This user's favorite scenario is
Mel's World
Standard, correct input; although <theme> is not specified, the scenario uses the Traditional Park Entrance (which is the default image used).
Grand Canyon North America Park Entrance {{Userbox Scenario|Grand Canyon|North America Park Entrance}}
This user's favorite scenario is
Grand Canyon
Standard, correct inputs, with the correct Park Entrance theme specified in <theme>.
Rocky Mountain Adventure Park Entrance Gates {{Userbox Scenario|Rocky Mountain Adventure|Park Entrance Gates}}
This user's favorite scenario is
Rocky Mountain Adventure
Standard, correct inputs, even though there is no existing article for the scenario.
Renovation Europe {{Userbox Scenario|Renovation|Europe}}
This user's favorite scenario is
Wrong input; <theme> should be "European Park Entrance".
Castle Drak Edge Entrance {{Userbox Scenario|Castle|Drak Edge Entrance}}
This user's favorite scenario is
Wrong input; <theme> is misspelled; should be "Dark Age Entrance".
Traditional Park Entrance Forest Frontiers {{Userbox Scenario|Traditional Park Entrance|Forest Frontiers}}
This user's favorite scenario is
Traditional Park Entrance
Wrong inputs; <scenario> and <theme> inputs are swapped.