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This template can be used to show and hide various amounts of text and headers.
Complementary template
The ShowHideBottom template is also used.
Sample contents text
Parameter "title"
Add a nice title which won't be hidden when the Show/Hide button is clicked.
start with {{ShowHideTop|1=}} for a normal size title
start with {{ShowHideTop|2=}} for a == ... == size title
start with {{ShowHideTop|3=}} for a === ... === size title
start with {{ShowHideTop|4=}} for a ==== ... ==== size title
Parameters "Show" & "Hide"
"|Show=" and "|Hide=" can be used to customize the words Show and Hide.
When these parameters are not used, the buttons will use the standard words Show and Hide.
Parameter "Collapsed"
"|Collapsed=" can be used to set the initial state as collapsed.
It doesn't matter which variable is assigned to this parameter.
When no value is assigned to this parameter, the initial state will not be "collapsed".
''This Coaster has three loopings.''


This Coaster has three loopings.