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This template is used for ride articles. They should be the first thing in the article.


{{Infobox ride
|game1		= RollerCoaster Tycoon
|game2		= RollerCoaster Tycoon 2
|game3		= RollerCoaster Tycoon 3
|game4		= RollerCoaster Tycoon World
|game5		= (Optional)
|game6		= (Optional)
|game7		= (Optional)
|game8		= (Optional)
|game9		= (Optional)
|game10		= (Optional)
|game11		= (Optional)
|game12		= (Optional)
|game13		= (Optional)
|name		= Coaster name
|rct1		= Coaster Name
|rct2		= Coaster Name
|rct3		= Coaster Name
|type		= Type
|cost		= Cost
|size		= Size
|description	= Description

Blank example

{{Infobox ride
|game1		=
|game2		=
|game3		=
|game4		=
|game5		=
|game6		=
|game7		=
|game8		=
|game9		=
|game10		=
|game11		=
|game12		=
|game13		=
|name		=
|rct1		=
|rct2		=
|rct3		=
|type		=
|cost		=
|size		=
|description	=


Variables game1-game13 is used at the infobox's header to signify which game it comes from. Only the first one is necessary, and up to 13 games can be at the header.
The name of the ride, based off what the game says it is.
Variables rct1-rct3 should be the capitalized name of the title, according to the specific game. This name is used to load the image of the ride. For example, if rct2 is Chairlift, then the file [[File:Chairlift RCT2 Icon.png]] will be loaded.
What type of ride it is. It can be a transport, coaster, thrill ride, etc.
The cost of the ride. If it is a coaster, then the approximate cost of the coaster (according to the game) should be inputted.
The general size of the ride.
If applicable, the description should be typed in, at least of the most recent release. If there is no description, then it is optional.