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[Citation Needed]


To be used when a statement made in an article may not be factual and should be cited officially from a reputable source. To use this template is to ask "Is this a fact?" This template differs from the Template:Confirm in that editors should only cite reputable sources in proving statements. If statements are not proven after a reasonable time, unsourced statements should be removed, until such time as a proper source can be identified. When using, please identify in the page's discussion page why a particular fact/statement needs citation.

If this is found on a page, the best idea is to consult the discussion page for reasoning, or ask the editor who added the template why they tagged the article. If there is any reasonable doubt, the template should stay and a source should be cited.

To use: place {{fact}} after any unsourced statements. This may be placed by anyone and removed once either a good source has been cited or a consensus determines that the tag is unnecessary.