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THE MONEY PIT I am in early year three, going for gold (tycoon),  and park value 882 Have a 2(gliding coaster/steeple chase) are by "The scenario's giga coaser, and 1(name:the Dip) in western and have about 10-12 other rides(thrill/gental/junior)

Problem: even with ad campaigns I only have around 150-200 guests and irepeatedly keep getting FINE: Worst Park Value

I place some big scenery pieces and some trees and deleted a lot of the brown bushels but I can not shake that award/fine it keeps re occuring I do know why.Is it the bush/tree scenery pices that come with the park or ride prices they are set generaly $2.50 - 3$ /  2-3 gental/lame thrills are 2$ and coasters and 2-3 popular rides are $4 also some of the 4$ rides are getting thoughts  of really good value

Please Help!!!

P.S.other awards I am getting is Tidiest Park/Best Toilets 09:41, June 28, 2013 (UTC)Roller Tycoon KFED