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Here is what finally worked for me.  I hope it helps others.

1st:  Go to Roller Coaster Editor and build a couple each Condor and Anaconda coasters with cameras.  Try to keep them cheap.  I like to do 8 queue pieces, which allows 3 coasters of 6 trains each.  To minimize space requirements, I do queue, turn, hill up, turn, then proceed with drops, twists, etc.

2nd:  Begin park and immediately close EVERYTHING but the bathrooms.  You need these freeloaders to leave, so you can set a park entrance fee and get new guests.  Also, delete all but one balloon stall, and set a price for that one stall.  Fire all workers except handymen.  This park starts with a ridiculous amount of staff!  Also, I like to go to research and do thrill, coaster, and shop only for a bit.  Those are the things you need right now.

2nd:  Close and demolish chairlift.  Set a NO ENTRANCE sign at head of path up the mountain, as well as path that branches off from bumper boats.  Come back in a bit and delete all that extra pathing.  Delete the middle of the 3 car rides.  Remaining 2, change min wait time to 5 secs.  Otherwise, you always have a pile up of cars and people waiting to get on/off.

3rd:  Begin cleaning up all that extra pathing. I like to keep one path around each side of park, through some of the buildings.  You can also delete some of the excess decor for extra funds.  Get a couple of your designed coasters with cameras built, one to either side of entrance on beach.  Increase loan if need be to build coasters.  You can repay it later, but you need to draw people right now.

4th:  Once pathing is good and coasters are built, spread out the food stalls a bit, set a $20 entrance fee, reopen all your rides and stalls, and hire a couple mechanics back.  NOTE:  I actually did $40 and then ran half price marketing campaing, until I had enough attractions to get $40 without campaign.  This also helps draw guests since your rating will be low from closing everything down.

Once things were going well and I had a 3rd photo op coaster built, I put up a couple of the jaguar car coasters.  They were very popular.  I tried this park and failed so many times, and the key for me was shutting everything down so that people leave.  The park just starts with too many guests, so you cannot get enough new paying guests in the gates to get profitable.