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hi! im horrible at maths, but I would like to create perfect queues, but im unable to make a formula out of the information in this article. can you please write the formula? 20:37, April 10, 2012 (UTC)

Well, there isn't an exact formula. You need to calculate to total capacity of a ride, that is: Number of trains/cars/etc * passengers per train / (ride time + time between rides (boarding/unboarding/waiting)). Then you calculate the capacity per minute. Now you need to calculate how many tiles will equal 1 minute of waiting time, which you can do by dividing the capacity/minute by 4 (4 guests can wait on a tile). Now multiply that number by the desired waiting time (which shouldn't be above 8!) and you have your desired queue lengh.
So let's say you have a roller coaster with 3 trains of each 5 cars with 4 sets per cars, the ride takes 1:15 mins and boardingwaiting time is roughly 10 seconds (that's a raw guess and can differ since guests walk faster or slower depending on their energy level). Doing the math, that's your capacity: 3*5*4 guests / 1:25 mins = 60 guests / 1:25 mins = 42 guests/minute. That equals 10,5 tiles of queue per minute! That basically means that the queue line of a roller coaster can almost never be too long.
But keep in mind that breakdowns/repairs can add quite a bit to the waiting time! Sucinum 20:59, April 10, 2012 (UTC)