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Completing the Tycoon level on La-La-Land

has anyone managed to complete this level? or maybe know someone who did? i'm really desperete here

I've decided to impress Clint Bushton with the Sci-fi first, and after that i'll try to impress the other guy

problem is, it's not working! i've put 500 into research (that's the max) and set it so everything will go to researching thrill rides, but I didn't get any Sci-fi thrill rides for a long time so I assumed there aren't any

but before I tried that, I had about 3 Sci-fi rides (Junior and Gentle), I bought some land and set up an area with Metal paths, Sci-fi scenery, the 3 Sci-fi rides I had and 2 rollercoasters (and a Sci-fi drink shop)

at first I set up the celebrity's path to ride on the rollercoaster AND the Sci-fi rides, but after I read this wiki page I set it up so he'll go only on the sci-fi rides, and I picked him up as soon as he got in the park, put him in the Sci-fi area, and when he said he wants to go home, I put him as close to the exit as I could

still nothing - his park opinion is at minimum, still not impressed, and that's about the 4th time he's been to my Sci-fi themed area!

I'm really desperete here, anyone got any advice for me? the only thing I can think of is trying to make a ride with High intensity (that's what he prefers) and let him try it too (my rollercoasters are medium intensity) but i'm pretty sure it won't lift the park opinion meter at all, considering nothing did so far... 13:39, December 6, 2010 (UTC)