Sky Sling

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A Sky Sling is a Thrill Ride introduced in RollerCoaster Tycoon 3.


It consists of a seat connected by three wires attached to the tops of three metal towers.

Other Information

Sky slings have a high intensity and nausea rating.

In Real Life

It is based on, and modeled after the S&S manufactured ride of the same name (S&S Sky Sling). They operated at several parks. Three six flags owned theme parks and UK's Fantasy Island, which were later removed due to maintenance issues. Two rides named "VertiGo" which were based on the same model, were both built in 2001 and operated at two Cedar Fair parks and were both removed for the 2001-2002 season after an incident at Cedar Point where one of the towers collapsed due to the triangular vehicle being removed, they were also the first models to be installed. Despite of this, several models still existed and opened years to come, a similar ride but of the same model 'Thrill Shot' opened in 2001 as well in Six Flags Magic Mountain, it closed in 2009 for maintenence, in 2011 it was announced it would not be reopening due to maintence costs, in 2012, the ride was dismantled and removed from the park. Similar rides albeit different color shcemes and vehicle type, both opened in 2003 as Eruption in Frontier City on April 3rd, 2003 and with the same name and ride opening the same year at Six Flags Great Adventure. Much like the aforementioned, throughout their lifespan, they suffered from mechanical issues, where the three towers were supposed to "sway" when the vehicle would go up to the top, however Six Flags managed the rides "conservatively" unlike Cedar Park as claimed by S&S. UK's Fantasy Island received a Sky Sling ride, named as 'Absolutely Insane', it opened in April 2004. Towards the end of the 2007 season, the ride was left stranded and not operating until being dismantled and removed from the park in March 2010. In 2006, Celebration Centre, a family entertainment center was opened by S&S and included the Sky Sling ride as one of their attractions, the facility was later sold and is no longer operating. The Eruption at Six Flags Great Adventure closed in 2010 and was replaced by the common 'Slingshot' ride, this time manufactured by Funtime. Unlike the previously mentioned models, Eruption at Frontier City outlasted the rest and continued to operate until 2012. In 2012, Eruption at Frontier City closed permanantly, due to high maintenence costs and due to S&S not producing parts for the ride anymore, the ride stood for two years until being dismantled and removed from the park in 2014, it was the last of it's kind.