Roundup Ride

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Anti-Gravitational Thrill Ride
Vital statistics
Ride Name Roundup Ride
Description A small intense centrifuge ride, which lifts up to a 25° angle.
Type Thrill Ride
Money Cost 628
Capacity 24 people per ride
Size 4 x 4
Creator Hrubetz
Appearance Roller Coaster Tycoon 3

Roundup Ride is the Anti-Gravitational centrifuge thrill ride, manufactured by Hrubetz. The ride is connected to a hydraulic arm. When the people ride it and it's in action, the people go up and down when it's lifted.

How the ride works

The Maximum Lift lasts for 6 seconds. The full spin speed is at 116 knots. The Maximum Lift is at 60°. The Lifting duration is 12 seconds. It spins counterclockwise.

Comparison to the RCT3 and Real Life

The similarities are that the capacity matches some of the real life Roundup Capacities, Has a sign behind the hydraulic arm, and have two staircases to the ride compared to some Some Super Roundups in real life. The differences are that the capacities on most of the real roundups are either 30 or 42, it's rare that some roundups in real life have a capacity of 24. It does not have a tire drive motor, as the Zero Gravity Does not. there is only one stair case on most real Roundup's. There are no strings on the top such as the Meteorite's and Zero Gravity's, All the other real Roundups do have strings, and There are no signs on Meteorite's or Zero Gravity's.