Roman Village/Scenario Guide

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The first thing the player should do is removing some of the pathways – the guests are getting lost – and block off the waterway on top of the wall since the guests on the Boat Hire ride may end up going there, and getting blocked on a dead end. It is also possible to use a flat ride, a water-level path, or a fence (if played in RCT2) to block off that dead-end passage.

Then begins the proper management, with a few roller coasters to build, and some money to charge for the rides, as well as an entrance fee. Shops, bathrooms, and a few extra staff members to hire also are a must do. The guests will start coming in, thus increasing the cash income. Once the money income machine is built and working, another roller coaster and a few more less intense rides will be required to draw more people into the park.

The required 1,500 guests will swarm in in no time.
Scenario finished by sucinum