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Project page for the Scenery Project.

Project Membership

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Project Discussion

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This project aims to:

  • Add information and images on all scenery and theming items in all RCT games
  • Catalog and categorize scenery items
  • Compile information on all scenery and theming collections (Egyptian theming, jungle theming, etc)


Create new Articles
  • Create articles for scenery objects that do not yet have pages
  • Add information to scenery pages where needed, including price, size, availability (in certain research packs), game(s) of origin, etc.
  • Add images of scenery items.
  • Add scenery items to the Complete Scenery List
  • Sort scenery items by game, scenery/theming pack, or other. Add all items to relevant categories.
  • Create categories that are needed, if none exist.
Clean up
  • Bring pages in line with the Manual of Style (MoS)
  • Clean up spelling and grammar, improve sentence structure throughout.
  • Use the {{SceneryTemplate}} template when possible.
  • Fix broken templates, links, and pages.

Applicable Articles

Applicable Categories and Templates