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Here are my original RCT 1's saved games made to help you guys unlock new scenarios in a quick time. All are saved at the October, last requirement year, with Park Rating over than 900 (I tried keeping it at 999 but sometimes it's not possible to maintain it till October 31st). Once loaded, you just have to wait a few seconds before the Congratulation screen shows up, and then you can enter your name to Scenario Screen to unlock new scenarios

All of these Scenarios are beaten using pay-to-enter-park strategy, often charging $50 for park entracing. Ride developments is focused on Thrill, Gentle, Shop/Stall and RollerCoaster, so most of these rides are available by the end of the scenario. Money earned is pretty high too because I didn't decorate the park much and only build rides when it's available. No pre-built roller coaster demolished or crashed (Save/load trick helps).

Saved games for RCT1

(More coming soon...)