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This is a Part of the Scenario Exchange

All these scenarios have been custom made and uploaded by one of our users for you to enjoy.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

May require Time Twister and Wacky Worlds Expansion Packs.

Coldwater Lake

As part of a competition for young theme park tycoons, the local government has given you the opportunity of a life time- to create your very own theme park! Starting out with nothing besides yourself and Coldwater Lake, make the best park you can!

Objective: To achieve a park value of at least $200 000 at the end of October, Year 2.

Also included is a "completed" version. This version is an earlier version of the scenario with a different objective (default one). It was far too easy, but it was the first time I had used an objective to do with a park value. This park has the needed $200 000+ park value before October, Year 2, yet the objective calls for a park value of $50 000 by Year 3. I included it to prove that it could be done, not that I think it's challenging or anything, but you know... Also none of the tracks are custom built (I was lazy).

File:Coldwater Lake.SC6

File:Coldwater Lake (complete).SV6

Tiki's Valley*

The owner of a successful theme park has recently retired and put his water park up for sale. You buy it in an attempt to make a name for yourself. The bank has given you two years to prove your success. The next plot of land is also for sale.

Objective: To have at least 1,200 guests in your park at the end of October, Year 2, with a park rating of at least 600.

File:Tiki's Valley.SC6

Six Flags Australia [Work In Progress]

Built from "Build Your Own Six Flags Park". Any feedback, good or bad, is welcomed. Suggestions wanted!!! Still to be completed. Trainer Used, but should not be necesary to run park.

File:Six Flags Australia.SV6

* Scenario requires one or more custom rides and/or scenery in order to run. A link to download this custom content can be found here.