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This is a Part of the Scenario Exchange

All these scenarios have been custom made and uploaded by one of our users for you to enjoy.

Saved Games Loopy Landscapes

All of these savegames are sandbox versions of the official scenarios. All rides that were researchable in a particular scenario are available from the start. All Land/Construction rights for sale have been bought. There is no goal to reach. Money is not used. No landscaping or building has been done. Parks that were opened prior to game start probably have a changed visitor count due to vehicle research. Date is reset to March, Year 1.

  • Note: All of these were created using a trainer to edit the goals, so you most probably need the Drexler Patch [1], or your game might crash to desktop or reject the savegames upon loading them due to the game's internal cheat protection. This will not affect legally created savegames.
  • Note: When changing the goals I had to reselect which rides are available. This usually has added all special tracks, even if they were NOT available in that scenario originally (i.e. Vertical Loop for Wooden RC in Dynamite Dunes). Sadly, I could not prevent this. This does not apply to vehicles.
  • Note: These were created using v.1.20.013 german. It was not tested yet if they work on other versions. Please inform me if they work/don't work on your game version.
  • Update 2011-04-15: Until I get RCT to run in fullscreen on my widescreen monitor, I can't use the trainers, which means I can't create new sandboxes. The trainers won't recognize RCT in windowed mode for whatever reason.
  • Update 2012-07-04: Tried the trainer again in windowed mode, played around with the minimize/maximize etc., trainer works. New Sandboxes coming soon.

Original RCT:

Corkscrew Follies:

Have Fun!