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All of the scenarios that I've cleared.

Forest Frontiers, Dynamite Dunes, and Leafy Lake begin far past the objective deadline, because after I cleared them, I just kept building until I decided I was finished. All scenarios uploaded in the future will start from immediately after the goal has been met.

Rides listed are only the ones that I could not save due to underground sections. For info on all other rides, refer to my track designs page.

Keep in mind that many rides may have become less reliable due to age, and may need to be overhauled (read: replaced with a duplicate.) Enjoy!

Roller Coaster Tycoon

  • Forest Frontiers
    • File:Forest Frontiers Master.sv4
    • Great Horned Owl:
      • Compatibility: Any game.
        Excitement: 7.14
        Intensity: 7.67
        Nausea: 7.82
        Optimal Capacity Configuration: 2 Trains, 6 Cars
        Stall Conditions: None.*
        Crash Conditions: None**
        Other Notes: None
    • Other Notes: Check on Fieldmouse when you begin playing. The cars seem to have stalled. This does not happen under normal circumstances, and I don't know what caused it.
  • Dynamite Dunes
  • Leafy Lake
    • File:Leafy Lake Master.sv4
    • Blast Off (Steel Roller Coaster: Shuttle Loop)
      • Excitement: 5.07
      • Intensity: 5.65
      • Nausea: 2.32
      • Stall Conditions: Must fall back to station.
      • Crash Conditions: Derailment due to excessive launch speed and/or inadequate terminal run.
      • Other Notes: None.
    • Other Notes: None.
  • Diamond Heights
    • File:Diamond Heights Master.sv4
    • Other notes: Good luck completing the unfinished inverted roller coaster: in order to get the intensity rating below 10, it took me over a year of game time, tweaking and rebuilding sections in what I feared would be a neverending cycle of revision. I named the finished product Sisyphus.
  • Evergreen Gardens
  • Bumbly Beach
    • File:Bumbly Beach Master.sv4
    • This park has a few issues going into it. It's getting crowded, and you don't have a lot of money. Your debt, however, has been completely paid off. Price as you see fit, let the money accumulate, and then consider expanding the park out to the beach for more room. There are still roller coasters yet to be researched.
  • Trinity Islands
  • Katie's World
    • File:Katie's World Master.sv4
    • Other notes: I modified The Storm so that it would be crash-proof. Now it slows down enough that the cars won't explode if there's a station brakes failure. But Runaway Plumber also crashed, and I couldn't figure out why. Keep an eye on that one...
  • Dinky Park
    • File:Dinky Park Master.sv4
    • Other notes: You have $5000 of loan to repay. Still plenty of room for expansion and plenty of roller coasters to build.
  • Aqua Park
  • Millenium Mines
    • Coming Soon!

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