RollerCoaster Tycoon Wiki:Scenario Exchange/RCT2house's Finished Scenarios

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My collection of saved games for all of you to enjoy!

Original RCT

Forest Frontiers

A starter park that has many purple-colored rides. That's why they are called the toxic-themed rides. Enjoy!

A forest frontiers park with two dueling wooden coasters. One of them crashed recently, so guests are thinking it isn't safe. Anyway, enjoy!

Dynamite Dunes

I tried to build a park with 2 racing log flumes in it. They turned out to have excitement ratings of 5.00. Then I built around them. Enjoy!

Leafy Lake

Diamond Heights

Evergreen Gardens

Bumbly Beach

Trinity Islands

Katie's World

Dinky Park

Micro Gardens is a park where I purchase land the size of the scenario Micro Park, and fill the purchased land with rides. There are four shuttle loops in that section of the park. I filled up the gentle ride section with trees. Enjoy!

Aqua Park

Millennium Mines

Karts & Coasters

Mel's World

Mothball Mountain

Pacific Pyramids

Crumbly Woods

Big Pier

Lightning Peaks

Ivory Towers

Rainbow Valley

Thunder Rock