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Worldwide Parks by DisneyWizard

This is a Part of the Scenario Exchange

All these scenarios have been custom made and uploaded by one of our users for you to enjoy.

Please enjoy this Scenario Exchange of saved game layouts from DisneyWizard (Payphone Wiki Administrator (Disney Wizard|M|T|C|E|Ph|IJ)) of coasters, attractions, voyages, cruises and adventures by DisneyWizard! (sorry, no Scenarios here. (that's a Disney joke.)) All my legacy game offerings are only from the original RollerCoaster Tycoon & expansion packs - Corkscrew Follies/Added Attractions and Loopy Landscapes. In 2002 I had saved tracks and games with the intention of publishing them in a group of user contributed game/track saves such as newsgroup or IRC, but now a wiki is the best answer! Thanks to I can concretely realize that once vacuous and elusive dream of easily/permanently sharing. The first ten below are available in WiztrackPack.exe an executable .zip file you place in your track folder and unzip by running it there. Each design .TD4 is accompanied by the picture .TP4 which activates the 'picture' tab at the bottom of the build selection popup. Enjoy

File:X - Experimental Development.sv4 - x - Experimental Development.sv4
Baseline for picture capture or All Access ride construction. Cash is used so construction price is visible when selecting saved tracks.