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NOTE: I will soon be posting ride designs for RCT1 as well as screenshots of each of the rides featured on this page. Please be patient while I restructure the page.

RollerCoaster Tycoon

  • Any of these designs may require Loopy Landscapes, although none of my Steel Mini Roller Coaster designs feature any banked curves.
  • Many of these ride designs have identical RCT2 counterparts; to find them, look under the RCT2 heading below. Although the rides will be identical in terms of track layout, the ratings may differ slightly.
  • Safety was the highest priority in the design of these rides, followed by affordability, profitability, and footprint. Due to the lack of block brakes in RCT1, each ride has been designed so that fully-loaded vehicles enter the station no faster than 28 mph unless the ride operates with a single train only.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

  • None of these designs require Time Twister or Wacky Worlds.
  • All rides featured here include basic items (i.e. queue lines, signs, and support structures) and may use non-standard vehicles. Stats listed for each ride are based on the inclusion of said items and the vehicles used, so they may vary depending on the circumstances.
  • All of these designs emphasize compact layouts, affordability, safety, and profitability. Each was used in a scenario successfully and will hopefully prove useful for others.

Suspended Swinging Coaster

  • File:Dauntless.td6 --- ER: 5.90; IR: 6.30; NR: 6.60; Space Required: 15 x 10; Cost: $6,389; Vehicles Used: Airplane Cars
  • File:Spring Breeze.td6 --- ER: 6.80; IR: 6.50; NR: 6.70; Space Required: 10 x 22; Cost: $8,011; Vehicles Used: Floorless Cars
Both of these were used in the notoriously difficult Amity Airfield scenario.  Dauntless should built early in the scenario given its smaller price tag and footprint, whereas Spring Breeze should be built in the second or third year to take advantage of its higher excitement rating.

Twister Roller Coaster

Whenever the Twister Coaster is available in a scenario, I use this design.  The excitement rating will have guests willing to pay as high as $6.00 for admission, and the intensity is enough to make even the crowd in Extreme Heights willing to ride it.  Even in a pay-for-entry park, it should prove to be a huge money-maker with its inclusion of a well-placed photo section.  Unfortunately, reliability cannot be guaranteed even in the best of circumstances, so keep a mechanic close at all times.