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The tracks in this article are custom-made and have been uploaded by one of our users for you to enjoy.

All Of my coasters are from RCT3. I shall list if you require an expansion pack, and why. I am aiming to make a coaster for most coaster types, then just make good ones. None shall go underground.


A Corkscrew Coaster using the reverse incline lift mode.

Expansion Packs: None

Excitement: 6.52

Intensity: 7.44

Nausea: 3.71


<Poll> How good do you think Activation is? 5 - Great 4 - Good 3 - Okay 2 - Bad 1 - Terrible </Poll>

Hell's Rainbow

A Coasterball with high vertical Gs and low friction.

Expansion Packs: Wild!

Excitement: 6.26

Intensity: 9.29

Nausea: 3.70

File:-CoasterBall-Hell's Rainbow.trk

<Poll> How good do you think Hell's Rainbow is? 5 - Great 4 - Good 3 - Okay 2 - Bad 1 - Terrible </Poll>