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Taenarius' Rides[edit]

I assure you there will be more just give me some time. I plan on posting screen caps as well. These rides are all designed for RCT 2. The expansion packs may or may not be required.

Roller Coasters[edit]

See above if disappointed by the number.


Break 1.png

Breakthrough is the first wooden coaster I created, as such it probably isn't the best.

Breakthrough is my first wooden coaster, It probably isn't the best, but I think it came out well.

Plague Rats[edit]

File:Plague Rats.td6
Plague Rats.png

Plague Rats was my first attempt at a wild mouse coaster, I advise against it.

Trial & Error[edit]

Trial 2.png
File:Trial and Error.td6

Trial & Error is a dueling mobius coaster. It is very large and expensive, around 30k to be exact.