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The tracks in this article are custom-made and have been uploaded by one of our users for you to enjoy.

Roller Coaster Tycoon

Wooden Roller Coaster

Steel Mini Roller Coaster

Mine Train Roller Coaster

  • Note: All of these designs (incl. stats) can be seen here
  • Note: Both designs were originally built partially underground, but they can be built above ground.
  • File:Klondike Claim.td4 --- ER: ~7.10 IR: ~8.20 NR: ~5.30 Cost: ~$12,999
  • File:Mine Cart Carnage.td4 --- ER: ~6.80 IR: ~7.10 NR: ~4.50 Cost: ~$10,219

Steel Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster Tycoon 2

Oblivion exported to RCT3
  • Note: Any of these might require Wacky Worlds or Time Twister.

Twister Roller Coaster

  • All of these designs (incl. stats) can be seen here
  • File:Oblivion.TD6 --- ER: ~7.60 IR: ~9.90 NR: ~5.40 Cost: ~$29,767