Rock 'n' Roll Revival/Scenario Guide

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The first thing you should do is taking a look at your park. This park has got a few problems that have to be solved:

  •  All rides are old (10 years old), broken down (except for the Spiral Slide), and free.                                                            
  • The park is vandalized and is full of litter and vomit.                                                                                                      
  • There's no staff.                                   

The first thing you should do is to close your park. Save the track designs of the two roller coasters, and demolish all of the rides and shops. Help the guests in your park find the exit by placing 'No Entry' signs. As soon as all the guests have left the park, rebuild all of the rides. That way, all of the rides are brand new, which boosts your park value. Consider making the station of the Compact Inverted Coaster longer and place an extra block brake, so there is an extra train. Before you open your park, replace all path objects, clean the paths, set prices for you rides, and hire some staff if needed. When all of this is done, reopen your park. Make sure that you pay off you loan as fast as possible because of the high loan interest. After you have paid it off, start building rides and some roller coasters. This should not be a hard scenario once you have solved the problems.