Renovation/Scenario Guide

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  • The Scenario Guide below is only a suggested strategy for completing this scenario—it may not work for all players.
  • The General Scenario Guide and Hints and Tips articles may also provide helpful information in completing this scenario.
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This is a paid entrance park, so there should be a constant flow of guests stepping through the Park Entrance to maintain a monthly income.

There are two ways to beat this scenario:

  1. The "normal" way, which is to keep as much of the scenery as possible
  2. The "quick" way, which is to destroy any scenery item that gives money when demolished

Consider doing this scenario the "normal" way first and working with the scenery objects already in the park before restarting and doing it the "quick" way, destroying the scenery. The "quick" way cuts off 2-3 years of scenario play at the cost of the park looking considerably different from its starting appearance.

The "Normal" Way: Keep the Scenery

First, open the park and allow guests into the area surrounding the entrance only. Next, open the Monorail and hire at least two Mechanics so that they will fix the 2 broken rides (after which they will set about inspecting the other rides). Then, rebuild the missing sections of the Mini Roller Coaster. Once all that is done, connect the front of the park to the rest of it, hire handymen to clean up the litter, and open up all the rides, shops, and stalls. Start rebuilding the paths slowly, demolishing the wire fences near the park's entrance along the way, with the exception of the brown tarmac pathway ringing the park on the raised ground; guests and staff have a tendency to get lost in there. If desired, these brown tarmac paths can be removed for a small amount of extra money,

Build new rides and attractions once they are available so that more guests will enter the park. Demolishing all the food/drink stalls and Restrooms will also make guests leave the park faster, making way for new guests to enter. The park can also be closed down once in a while to force most guests to leave, causing an influx of new guests to appear once the park is reopened. If a ride is more than 3 years old, demolish and rebuild it as a "new" ride. Repeat this process until the objective is reached.

The "Quick" Way: Destroy the Scenery

First things first: set research to No Funding. Even without any research, the scenario objective can still be reached with whatever existing rides are already available.

Demolish all the rides, shops, and stalls. The amount of cash obtained from demolishing them will be enough to pay off the entire loan, so do so immediately.

Next, go through the entire park and demolish every scenery object that gives money. Since there are no rides, loan, staff, or research, there is no monthly upkeep cost, so there is theoretically infinite time to slowly go through every single tile in the park and demolish all the scenery that adds money. Apart from the Kremlin-ish domes and towers, the entire park is strewn with a lot of ruined statues, wheels, and junks. In addition, wide sections of the park's massive path layout can be slimmed down to obtain $10 for each path tile demolished. However, keep enough of the path network to make a full circle around the entire park, as well as a straight path from the front to the back of the entrance, to facilitate guest movement and ride placement/construction. It takes roughly the whole of Year 1 to ransack the park for scenery items to salvage; once this is done, there should be around $46,000 cash-on-hand.

With the $46,000 obtained from destroying the scenery, there is just enough money to reach the objective if all of it is spent on building rides only.

Begin by building a replacement for the original Monorail. Regardless of whether this replacement is an actual transport ride, a gentle ride, or a roller coaster, make sure it has 4 stations, each of them located at the same spots as the 4 stations of the old Monorail. Once that is done, open the park and set the admission fee to $20.00.

Now, start building a mix of gentle rides, thrill rides, and roller coasters around each of the 4 stations of the new transport ride. Flat rides should be opened immediately so that they can start drawing in guests. As for roller coaster designs, try to stick to cheaper, more compact designs—shuttle loops and simpler types like the Inverted Impulse Coaster are great—although the track design of the Suspended Swinging Coaster that was already in the park at the start of the scenario can also be rebuilt at its original spot for a huge boost in park value (assuming initiative was taken to save the original as a track design before demolishing it).

The scenario will usually be completed by the time rides are built around 3 of the 4 stations.

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