Rain Forest Plateau/Scenario Guide

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Scenario Guide[edit]

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Despite what the description might imply, the Rain Forest Plateau offers not so much challenge as the plateau yields more than enough space for players to build parks that reach a value of $275,000 by the end of Year 4.

Research is straightforward, as it's very possible to get all rides available before the scenario's deadline, but the Observation Tower, along with the Ferris Wheel, Enterprise, and Coffee Cups, offers an interest for the wisest players to check Gentle Rides first. As there's plenty of Roller Coasters already available, this research option can safely be ticked off.

A simple start would imply an Information Kiosk and the 4 Gentle/Thrill rides available. Space isn't a problem at this point, if not for the guests themselves : building a path through the rock towards the rides, can prove a solid idea. A shuttled Looping Roller Coaster will work just great for a first foray into the Roller Coaster territory.

Despite even the best players' most effective money drains working full-time at emptying the guests' wallets, it's going to be hard making money here on the plateau : This is because there is a $10,000 loan, and a 30% interest rate on it ! All players must make repaying this loan back as soon as possible, since it will severely impact park's development. Money will stop being a problem when this immense loan interest will be cut. Since the Burger Bar is the first researched Shops and Stalls, players might consider this research option, if they want more food).

Players must remember that the scenario's goal is park value, not people, so they should not bother trying to cram as many guests as possible in. The faster they build, the less each ride is worth by october Year 4, so going build-crazy is not a good plan. In order to get the money for massive constructions in order to boost the park value, people should consider the Log Flume, River Rapids, Splash Boats, or Go Karts, all of which are cost-effective money makers. In Years 3 & 4, a new roller coaster or two should get players the park value rating they need.