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Queue lines are paths, where people that want to go on a certain ride, can get in line for that particular ride. When a queue line is too short, you won't maximize your profit on the ride that it runs to. When it's too long, people will complain and even get out of the line, because they get bored and fed up. So how to build good length queue lines?

Building queue lines

Queue lines can be recognized by a special type of path. In RCT 1, you can only build blue queue lines. In the Loopy Landscapes expansion pack, there are 4 different colors available: Blue, yellow, green and red.

A queue line looks easy to build. But many people make them too long, or too short. Resulting in low profit on lines that are too short, or complaining guests on lines that are too long. You could hire some Entertainers , but it will cost the player some money, and that's one thing that's not desired. The secret of getting a queue line with the right length, lies in doing a little math. How long should a good designed queue line be? The answer is shown below.

How long?

If there is a rollercoaster in the park, with 3 trains, with each train having 6 cars, and with each car holding a maximum of 4 guests, you can have a maximum number of: 3 × 6 × 4 = 72 people on your rollercoaster. Now, let's say that one train goes around the track one time, in 1 minute and 15 seconds. You have to take in account an extra 10 to 15 seconds for passengers to get off of the train and others on it, so you come to a total of 72 guests riding the rollercoaster, every 1 and a half minute. On one piece of queue line, there is space for about 5 guests. So, every 1 and a half minute, there are about 14 pieces of queue line emptied. If you want to have a waiting time of about 5-6 minutes (not too long, not too short), just build a queue line, that's around 50 pieces of length.

Also, keep in mind that breakdowns stop the ride for a period of time. So don't go over 6 minutes, just to have some sort of buffer!!!

A ride can only process so many customers and tickets in a period of time, so very long queues are not advisable because they cost more and get guests to waste time waiting when they can be on your other rides. A suitable queue should never empty completely every time a roller coaster pulls in, and not fill up to the brim when all the trains are out and running.