PC Player/Scenario Guide

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  • The Scenario Guide below is only a suggested strategy for completing this scenario—it may not work for all players.
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Scenario completed by John-Mahmud
At first, players should check Dschungelbahn's excitement rating, and bump said ride's admission fee to said rating, rounded down.Thay also may feel free to experiment on additionnal themeing if it bumps the Excitement rating (and so the ride's fee) one dime up.
Scenario completed

Same for the umbrella cheat for another quick buck. For other shops, a solid rule of thumb is for players to make sure they make at least 1 buck from any article they sell (on-ride pictures included). Thay also can charge $0.20 for the toilets.

From there, Players may take a loan if they wish, but they should repay it as soon as possible to avoid losing too much cash in loan interests. Every buck counts in PC Player Land !

Now, another solid rule for players would be to build their tower rides so that they go through the coaster's multiple helixes, for easy excitement rating bumps on both rides.

Technically, this park needs no other rollercoaster, if not a cheap money-maker such as the Shuttle Loop or Cobra. Dschungelbahn is more than enough in terms of excitement and guest capacity. Therefore, researching new roller coasters is useless. Same for themeing, water and transport rides. Instead, players should use the scenario time to build any flat ride they own or research, and make well use of the staff in order to make the park rating stay up, as well as ad campaigns for guest numbers. This means tight patrol areas. Players should remember, however, to create a solid path network in order to avoid overcrowding, which deals a severe blow to both guest happiness and park rating. A solid idea for this problem is a path that circles the "PC Player" structure and joins up after Dschungelbahn. By building the last researched rides near this path with queues as long as possible (remember waiting times), a maximum amount of people will be held away from polluting the main path layout and therefore kill all overcrowding threat at the source.

Apart from the low initial cash amount, PC Player should not be too complicated for players who know how to play the game and make money.