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Like all games, Rollercoaster Tycoon stores values to the memory. Experimenting with the values in the memory can yield useful, interesting, and sometimes destructive results. If you learn anything interesting about the workings of the memory in RCT, please share it here! 

This was started by a user of Cheat Engine. If you would like to contribute, please use Cheat Engine to continue, so that all examples and addresses can be easily found and will definitely work with Cheat Engine. Only use examples from another program if you are sure they will work with Cheat Engine.



I have noticed that, if you find the address for money (the address I got was "RCT.EXE+69C590") and you lock it or change it, the next time your money should change in-game, your money gets locked to a negative value. This suggests that RCT 1 has mechanisms in its coding to prevent people from changing their money.