Maharaja Palace/Scenario Guide

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Start by picking which side you will build in. I chose the left as it has less trees. After selling off the paths on the right, I started by building the gentle rides, a Magic Carpet, and two Side-Friction Coasters. Side-Friction is not the best to build with, but it's all you have at the start. Do remember to charge a reasonable price at the entrance, but research is not a priority, as there is not much more to have, but some more roller coasters should be what you want at first.

As you only need 1,000 guests, don't rush about like mad. All the gentle/thrill rides plus 4 roller coasters will get you to the target with ease. If you feel like challenging yourself, try to make the most interesting coasters and park that you can. You only get 2 thrill rides, so your excitement factor must come from roller coasters, the Log Flume, and the River Rapids.

You really shouldn't run out of space even using just one of the arms of the U-shape the park makes, but if you do start to run out of space, you can buy some of the water tiles (which you can put the water rides on), or buy the Maharaja's Palace in the middle if you want.