Magic Quarters/Scenario Guide

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At first, Magic Quarters' research priorities should be set to Thrill Rides only at $400 a month, as this kind of rides is the only one lacking at the beginning. Most players won't even need to research Roller Coasters at all, as there are twelve different types available from the start. After that, a handful of rides and shops will come in order to either increase the entry fee or charge ride admissions.

There are basically two options available for park expansion:

  • Starting in one of the quarters, then expanding to the next once it is filled.
  • Starting with one ride in each quarter, expanding evenly throughout the game.

Each one is correct, but it would be advisable to stick to the chosen method.

Players who choose to utilize only one quarter at the beginning, should block the paths leading to the other quarters using 'No Entry' signs, and also keep the Miniature Railroad shut down until later to prevent guests getting lost. Players who picked the other option should try to stick close to the railroad's stops in order to prevent guests from wandering too much without rides, then fill up towards the center.

With almost 55,000m² (592,015ft²) of usable land, Magic Quarters should hardly offer any trouble at all. The first mission would be to expand slowly in the beginning and repay the ongoing loan. Another recommendation is to save hill space for Roller Coasters most players might want to build Year 4. In the original game, park value will drop significantly within four years, so it might be wise to replace older flat rides near the end. A good strategy is to build 2 coasters per year, and keep all the flat rides around the main paths, doing that will get the attention of the guests and get more cash. Building Roller Coasters is the best way of increasing the park value, so a new coaster will definitely be needed in Year 4 for players who don't meet the requirements by October year 3.