Lucky Lake/Scenario Guide

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Scenario Guide

Lucky Lake - Finished
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Lucky Lake bears an overall resemblance to Leafy Lake from original RCT, but is larger and has three rides available from the start.

Players should start by building flat rides around the paths and spacing them out, using the flat land around the pre-built coaster in order to calm guests with low-nausea.This Mine Train Coaster takes up a lot of space, but is a really good transport coaster. It can easily be edited just to make more space, and even ornated in front of each of its stations with stalls, while Toilets should be placed regularly throughout the park.

As Lucky Lake has unlimited funds, it makes the challenge fairly simple. Hiring a train full of staff and set them the smallest possible patrol areas,  along with monitoring the guests' thoughts in order to know in real time what has to be done, will keep the Park Rating above the 700 threshold.

Unlimited funds allows the lazy player to "build land" at no cost by filling the lake. However, it will take lots of time and make the park rating slip. Instead, the clever player will expand around the edge of the lake.

To attract guests here,  the player will have to build as many coasters as possible, or "grow" old rollercoasters by rebuilding them bigger in size & length. Even though the lake is tempting for the "above water" boost to Excitement, growing a small puddle of water under an already built coaster, will have the very same effect.

8-10 coasters will bring enough guests by the end of Year 4, making Lucky Lake the easiest scenario of the RCT2 Expert scenarios. Players who try this scenario right after Extreme Heights, will find it Extreme-ly easy.

A 36-year old Lucky Lake park created via OpenRCT2.