Leafy Lake/Scenario Guide

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Leafy Lake begins with a huge plot of available land and a $10,000 loan from the bank, out of a possible $50,000. Players confident of their money management skills can feel free to build two roller coasters in addition to a handful of flat rides. Others should stick to building one big roller coaster, with high guest capacity: editing the pre-built rollercoasters so that they incorporate a long station (in RCT1) or so that they make use of block brakes (in RCT2) is also a solid idea beforehand. Apart from the lake itself, there is a large cleared area northwest of the park entrance that seems ideal for this massive construction.

A solid tip would be to place the massive coaster on this patch of land northwest to the lake itself, then only keep the western path connecting this area to the entrance, and close the other one in order for the guests not to get bored or tired by wandering in an area kept ride-free. Water rides are of course to be kept on the lake. Coaster building issues aside, this is more or less a fairly straightforward and easy scenario that tests players' abilities in handling a huge sum of money more than their ability to build a park that can attract guests.

Leafy Lake - finished