La-La Land/Scenario Guide

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  • The Scenario Guide below is only a suggested strategy for completing this scenario—it may not work for all players.
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Like Daddy Splendid has been saying in most of these wiki pages, buid a small compact area of thrill/gentle/kiddie rides right near the entrance and set up a janitor/mechanic or two. This is how you keep a steady income. Change your research to only give you thrill rides and maybe some gentle/kiddie rides if you want. You'll need those thrill rides to snag a sci-fi one and adventure one for the VIPs. Build the required roller coasters off to one of the sides. You'll only need to build two. Just find the two that are over the highest excitement level/length whatever required and thrown them down. Also I ended up selling all the paths on that random little bout that takes the peeps up to the top of the mountain and back down, so it left me with some money and one solid path through the park. OR, you can put one of the themed areas up at the top of the hill, as it's a perfect place to fit a space rings or something like that. Off to the side somewhere, build a sci-fi thrill ride (you can change which types you see at the top of the thrill ride window by graying out the other ones) and surround it with a few sci-fi themed scenery pieces. Do the same for an adventure thrill ride. The pirate ship works fine or you can demolish Dizzy Heights and replace it with a Phoenix Twister, especially if it has low reliability by that point. Surround it with some adventure scenery or adventure trees. You can fence each area in if you want.

Once your VIPs enter, pick them up and drop them right into their respective areas. Clear their paths they set up and only select that sci-fi or adventure ride like they want to visit. They will ride it over and over until they get tired. When they say they are leaving, pick them back up and place them right outside the gate. Voila!