Insect World/Scenario Guide

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This scenario isn’t too difficult. The 19.9% loan interest stings a bit, but luckily, the interest rates will drop later. You could try to repay the loan, but it’s not required.

Start with building some flat rides, especially thrill rides, but junior and gentle rides will be useful, too. Price them. You usually can set the double price or at least 150% of the default price. This will give you a nice monthly ride income which is a required objective anyway. Build some food, drink, souvenir stalls too. You can get a little more extra profit by building a few billboards too. If you have enough money, start building a coaster as well. I built a custom Giga Coaster with power launch. The reason: it also has the Scarab themed cars which quite fit the park's insect theme. However, any coasters should be fine as long as they have high enough excitement rating which allows you could ask for a nice ticket price.

The visitors of the animal viewing galleries objective looks scary at first. However, you don’t need to have the required amount of guests on the viewing galleries at the same time. Rather, that is just how many guests should have visited your viewing galleries in total, so it’s a ridiculously easy objective only requiring a little time. I built a relatively small wooden fence enclosure with 3 viewing galleries, a small herbivore house and 4 ostriches (2 female, 2 male). Later, I built another enclosure with a grizzly, but could win the objective with the ostriches’ enclosure viewing galleries only.

The guest-in-park objective shouldn’t be a problem if you have enough - and a nice variety of - rides and shops while keeping the park relatively clean.

One more thing to note: An important lesson you can learn here regarding whole RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 is the “art of 2 tile slope, then underground path then 2 tile slope” (or we could call it “underground corridor”, too, or something). You can see one at the path leading to the observation tower and on the other side of the gap. It’s an incomparably more cost-efficient way to connect two (or more) places when there is no direct route and it's cheaper than building elevated paths to connect them, because of the ridiculously high cost of the pylons that will eat up all your money. Keep in mind, it's a wise idea to use this kind of underground corridor in other maps too, when you have to connect two places with no direct route.