Iceberg Islands/Scenario Guide

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Introducing the "ice" setting, Iceberg Islands contains five large icebergs, with two already used for operations : one welcomes a Bobsled Roller Coaster, the second a Mini Golf course, with a Chairlift connecting the two to the park's entrance. Expansion to the other three islands, although not necessary, would prove rather costly.

First of all, park entrance and every ride's fees are free ! This is first and utmost emergency for any player ! That Bobsled Coaster could bring in a hefty profit, so all players should be sure to price the pre-existing rides. Building some shops and stalls, some flat rides, as well as hiring some staff, is rapidly in order afterwards. The trusty "Shuttle Loop" quick-buck coaster will also be good through the entire playthrough. Adding flat rides might be difficult, as the islands are oddly-shaped with lofty, haphazard ridges and open cliffs. Landscaping and Ride Placement will unfortunately be expensive, and lead inattentive players to a very jumbled and confusing path layout.

Financially, this park is actually quite difficult. Frequent rain stunts ride ticket income, which will require umbrella sales and therefore lots of info kiosks and souvenir stalls. Landscaping will also spike the park's expenditure when needed. Players here would need not to get too extravagant, and build rides that bring in decent income. Very quickly, research should render the Steel Wild Mouse Roller Coaster available, which is the ideal ride to build on the second island. Said ride's sharp turns will allow for easy layout towards and into the ice ground, while underground sections will boost excitement rating significantly, which will allow in return the wise player to push the ride's pricing a few dimes up every dispatch.

All in all, players should keep a green arrow next to the guest count, and remember to build the park around its finances. The hardest part is to actually get the income rolling. For the experienced Tycoon however, this park can be passed with little thought.