Icarus Park/Scenario Guide

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Before you begin to build anything, set your loan to $0 and sell all the scenery items scattered around the park. You'll need to set the loan to zero because by the time you finish removing all the scenery, a week would've passed and you would've needed a loan payment (every penny counts!). When you demolish all the scenery, you should've netted a cool $2,000! Start by adding the essentials: Food/Drink, a couple of small rides, and a roller coaster. Make sure to have a decent amount of staff. As you gain money, build more rides, and be sure to design them to be very thrilling, and charge prices up to their excitement rating (7.6 excitement = $7.60 for the ride). Put maximum funding into research, hire staff as needed, and place shops and stalls as needed. While building coasters, make sure you're not going too extreme on the G-Forces and that the ride takes no more than two minutes. Some well built and efficient coasters can make more than $10,000 an hour (using the aforementioned charge system).

Remember that you don't need to build just coasters to complete this objective; flat rides like the Swinging Ship and the Merry-Go-Round also contribute to ride profits, so keep some of these scattered around. Some thrill rides can net about $3,000 an hour and even the Observation Tower can net some $2,000 an hour. As long as you have a variety of well built rides that attract a lot of guests, you should have no problem with this objective. Previous experience with Vertigo Views and Wacky Warren WILL HELP. Remember to keep the guests happy at all times. There is no time limit to this scenario, so take as long as you want (an editor of this took 9 years to do it).
Scenario finished by RollercoastertycoonX.