Gentle Glen/Scenario Guide

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Gentle Glen - finished

Gentle Glen is a test for understanding physics when it comes to roller coaster design : Only players who understand the mechanics behind the G-Forces, can beat this scenario with ease. The description already tells the caring player what to do : priviledge gentle rides over thrill ones. As for roller coaster research ? Additionnal Roller coasters like Hiccup will draw guests. This, plus constant advertising, will bring 1,200 guests in no time.

For pricing, players may either charge 50¢ for each ride plus an entrance fee for extra cash, or charge only on rides, with prices set based on excitement ratings rounded down. The latter strategy may only net around $2.00 per admission, but most thrill and gentle rides are cheap enough to justify the lower rates. The main difficulty, however, will be balancing out the roller coasters to be exciting enough (at least 5.00) to attract guests to the park but not too intense (less than 6.00 is perfect) to deter people from actually riding them. Guests that prefer less than 4 intensity will go on a ride with an intensity rating of at most 6.30 if they are at maximum happiness.

Some roller coasters are a lot easier to build in a gentle style than others. The best are the Side-Friction, Virginia Reel, Steel Mini/Junior, Single-Rail, and Steel Looping Roller Coasters. A Shuttle Loop design can easily be adjusted by changing the launch speed and adding or removing turns. Roller coasters with two stations that act like a transport ride are also very attractive if kept gentle. Beware of space, however, as the park may become overcrowded as players draw closer to their 1,200 guest objective.

In the end, even without gigantic high-intensity roller coasters, players can beat this scenario easily by simply building a variety of well-thought rides. Go Karts, for example, can rival roller coasters in terms of excitement. Rapids, Log Flumes, and Splash Boats with several good drops can be exciting as well. Even gentle rides can be improved considerably by adding scenery and tunnels, so players should definitely devote some time here to design their rides carefully. Building these rides mostly or entirely underground will save space, and make these rides more exciting, if not indoor. The fact that low-intensity attractions actually attract more guests than other attractions in this park should make this scenario considerably easier than others following it.