Egyptian Sand Dance/Scenario Guide

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This is a fairly easy scenario. You have a large park, with plenty of place to build (though, note you don’t own the pyramids).

First you should note the freely roaming camels. Sedate them and build a medium sized wooden fence enclosure with a large herbivore house and some viewing galleries and place the camels there. Note that all 6 camels are female, so buy some (at least 2 to fulfill the entrepreneur objective) male camels, too, since you need a bunch of camels.

With that settled, build one coaster. I built a custom Wooden Roller Coaster, but anything should be fine as long as it fulfills the 4+ excitement rate. Build some flat rides, food, drink and souvenir stalls as well as facilities. The ride “Twirler” seems to be insanely popular here, so it could be a good idea to build one, too. As soon as you have 400 guests, you pass apprentice.

The 500 guests shouldn’t be much of a problem, just build a few more flat rides and shops, and, regarding the camels, you either can buy more or wait for the camels to breed and give birth (their gestation period is 13 months). The only objective that can be challenging here is repaying the loan. But if you have a good monthly profit, it shouldn’t mean too much of a problem. For that, you can price the rides, 150%-200% of their initial price should be fine. For exciting coasters, you can ask your guests for a lot of money, too. The people here are willing to buy a ton of souvenirs as well as food and drinks sell like hotcakes). And with that, you passed entrepreneur.

For tycoon, build one more coaster with a 4+ excitement rating (I built a custom Pipeline Coaster, but anything should be fine) and some more flat rides and shops to get the required 600 guests. As for the camels, you either can wait for them to breed or buy some additional ones, and you won tycoon.

A few other things to note: it will not rain in this scenario (or it’s so rare I don’t think I have ever seen it) and on the other hand the temperature doesn’t go high enough for the need of parasols (or at least most of the time). So, the guests don’t really buy umbrellas (still, the information kiosk sells park maps as well, which the guests are willing to buy). Furthermore, it seems that the too arid climate doesn’t do your rides too much good. It seems they tend to have breakdowns more often here than in other scenarios, so setting more frequent ride inspections could be a wise idea.