Crazy Craters/Scenario Guide

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As mentioned above, this scenario plays out very similarly to Arid Heightsthough there are a couple of key differences:
  • More rides are available from the start, although several of them — such as the Roto-Drop, Virginia Reel, and the Suspended Looping Coaster — are prone to having very high nausea ratings.
  • Players have even more space to build in, even though it is uneven at the start.

Players who passed Arid Heights easily should find the Craters fairly straightforward, but still need to be sure to hire enough handymen to take care of any vomit before it plunges the park rating down below the fateful threshold of defeat.

An OpenRCT2-made Crazy Craters park with over 5,200 guests, made by zachl1226.

Just take your time while finishing the scenarios without funds, and you could make an amazing park. Scenario finished by RollercoastertycoonX.