Build Your Own Six Flags Over Texas/Scenario Guide

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Scenario Guide

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As with all "Create your own Six Flags park" scenarii, Build Your Own Six Flags Over Texas is quite easy to complete, with plenty of rides, space, and time available. A good strategy for this scenario would imply building through the park using the existing pathways, but also focus on one little area at a time, and block off other areas which cannot yet be filled so early in the scenario. Players should only focus on the first little areas near the entrance, deleting tiles of path leading to the next areas and when —and only when— they can afford expanding the park construction further, refill the footpaths leading there.

The Spanish district of the original park (and its centerpiece La Vibora) can be rebuilt pretty quickly due to being close to the entrance, but the heavy 12% loan interest might slow most players down. Another alternative would be rebuilding the Splash ride and the Judge Roy Scream Wooden Coaster as the main starting pieces, along with the entrance's Merry-Go-Round and starting amenities. That can easily be done with a $5,000 loan extension, and give wise players a kickstart.

Players should make sure to build some transport rides throughout the park, as it will become very large over time. Once the machine rolls again, guests will pour in, giving the wise tycoons tons of money for further construction and refill. Players who manage themselves well, just cannot fail.