Broom Lake/Scenario Guide

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Since this park has plenty of prebuilt stalls, raise the prices on them, otherwise you are not going to beat this scenario. Also, DO NOT take out any money from your loan, because you'll regret it. In fact, just pay off your entire loan immediately. I know $2,000 or so doesn't seem like a lot of cash, but with profit from your stalls and a good ride (shuttle loop LIM coaster or swinging inverter ship) money can start stacking up pretty fast and the park value objective is not a major problem.

If you want to build a coaster, use either a custom built LIM shuttle loop or boomerang design, after that, just build platform rides. Also, after you beat the entrepreneur level, use the extra money to build more platform rides and another coaster. If any ride proves to be unpopular, just demolish it BECAUSE YOU CAN NOT AFFORD TO HAVE A WORTHLESS RIDE SUCKING UP ALL YOUR MONEY ON THIS SCENARIO. Don't go too crazy with construction, or else you'll quickly be bankrupt. Also, don't worry about the VIP, he won't stay in the park for very long. If you get really desperate for money, you can delete scenery and you can also delete the path that leads to nowhere (the one with the tunnel that's farthest from the entrance). Another trick is to put the price of entry to the park up to $5, this shouldn't affect the amount of guests entering your park.