Animatronic Film Set/Scenario Guide

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Players start the park with $10,000, but can only borrow $10,000, so the best start would be adjusting the prices of food and Souvenir Stall, and getting rid of useless staff (a few handymen, mechanics, and guards can be sacked to decrease the running staff costs in the beginning) for the time being, staff which obviously can be re-hired later once the park has picked up enough steam. Players shouldn't start building roller coasters straight away, but smaller rides instead to keep the guests occupied while also running promotions (half-price entry, free food, free rides) almost continually. With the park value already in due to the scenery, the guest stream will increase its natural flow, allowing players to secure a steady stream of money to build a little nest.

Roller coasters will only truly be needed during the last year, to get to the $320,000 park value objective of the film set scenario.

It's wise to always allow a few weeks for the park value to increase, as building in October, Year 3 could be too late, but building straight away means the coasters will depreciate too soon. Flat rides and quick-buck coaster, however, can be quickly scrapped then rebuilt to counter this measure.