After the Asteroid/Scenario Guide

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The first thing you should do is grab the Scenery Cleaner and remove all the scenery it can remove. This way, you will start with $47,102 dollars. Build a path to the center of the crater and start building your rides down there. Build some rides and stalls, as well as some roller coasters. Try spending most of your money on exciting rides, so you attract lots of guests to make even more money. Set your initial entry fee to $30 and increase it every now and then to a maximum of $45. Other than that, just build to your heart's content and you will easily overshoot the target Park Value.

As far as research is concerned, do whatever you like. If you want a First Aid Room, you have to research Shops/Stalls for quite some time though. If you only research Shops on maximum funding, it will take until April, Year 2 until it is researched. Luckily, there are quite a few roller coasters available so you will have stuff to build in the mean time. If you don't care for the First Aid Room, you can research more rides right away. The Cash Machine is not very important in this scenario, as you are not allowed to charge ride admission fees.