White Water Park/Scenario Guide

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First step here would be researching the Information Kiosk. This will be invaluable to guests, as they often get lost towards the back of the park (the River Rapids). The second valuable tip for this scenario would be to build a bridge from White Water Rapids towards White Water Boats, so the park's path layout is turned into a circle. It may be a good idea to research Ride Improvements as well, as you can unlock the Water Splash for the Wooden Roller Coaster fairly early in the scenario, turning the Wooden Coaster into a "water ride". The space on the other side of the lake also proves a solid point for it : a hill climb, a quick back turn and a steep fall into a couple Water Splashes down the lake, will replace the Splash Boats and Water Coaster from AA/CF all at once, and turn "White Water Coaster" into a solid quick buck machine. You should also connect a path across the lake from the exit to that ride to the area with the Boat Hire and fill the gap with some rides.

The Water Slide that has already been built may stall out at times, so it is best to leave it always waiting for a full load (uncheck the "Maximum Waiting Time" option in the ride options panel) or alter the ride slightly. It still might get stuck after a couple of breakdowns, preventing the dinghies from reaching back to the station and frustrating guests. If this happens, a solid tip would be to pause the game, click the close button of the ride twice so it resets, then reopen. There is no minor change to the ride to make this preventable.

After that, the only needed rides to build here would be the Merry-Go-Round and Haunted House because this scenario is fairly rainy. The hills near the Log Flumes are good for building an underground roller coaster. The park lacks stalls (like most parks with pre-built rides) so this is also an urgent move. Players should also make sure to add more benches and trash cans to the paths, as they are seriously lacking. Additional handymen and mechanics are needed, as well as ordering the pre-hired handyman to stop mowing lawns. Skilled players will achieve the 1,000 required guests long before Year 3.
Aqua Park - finished