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Sometimes - when building structures, for example - an uncluttered view becomes particularly useful. The View Options menu includes several ways to achieve this. Select an item from the menu to toggle it ON or OFF. A check mark next to a menu item indicates that option io ON. Any combination of view options - or even all of them - may be active at the same time.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

Underground/Underwater View

Makes the land surface transparent and provides an underground view. Use this when building underground. The game automatically switches to the underground view when a path or ride being built goes below the surface.

Remove Base Land

Completely removes the land graphics, allowing to see underground rides and scenery more easily.

Remove Vertical Faces

Completely removes the vertical "cliff faces" on landscape.

See-Through Rides

The rides become invisible, leaving only transparent shadows where they are.

See-Through Scenery

The scenery (trees, bushes, walls, and so on) becomes invisible.

Invisible Supports

The structural supports of your rides become invisible, offering a clearer view of the areas beneath/behind them.

Invisible People

All guests and staff are removed from sight, except for any who are on rides. This is quite helpful when the visitors are roaming your park like swarms of bees, obscuring everything, and to easily spot paths that require cleaning.

Height Marks

There are three options for displaying height marks: on land, on ride tracks, and on paths. This marks every square of land, path or ride track with its height level relative to the elevation of the park entrances. This is handy when trying to match up sections of paths or track, and for making the most efficient use of the landscape. The units of measure can be changed in the Options window.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

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Height marks on terrain

The terrain is covered in lines at different height increments. This allows the player to note the height of a hill at a glance.