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A vendor (or cashier) are the people at ride entrances who take guests money so that the guests can enter the ride. They also are responsible for maintaining/running the shops and stalls.


As mentioned, they are the people who run the rides, shops and stalls. They sell guests items, as well as allow guests to enter rides.

They take on different appearances (male and female), but they all wear a red uniform with black pants.


  • Despite not appearing in RCT 1 or RCT 2, they are heavily implied to still exist because the ride entrances and shops require someone to operate them.
  • They also don't appear at first in the "staff" tab when first opened on your game, but will appear when you go to the option that is a dulled version of a vendor and click it, revealing them in the staff menu.
  • They are, with the exception of the Park Inspector, the least paid employee. They start with pay of $2, but that can be reduced to $1.