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please add Biplane, Family Swinger, Crazy Dazy,  Telecombat, Sea Dragon, Lil' Wheel, Frog Hopper,  Himalaya,  Kontiki, Parachute Ride, Roto-Jet, Motorcycles,  Flying Tigers,  Tumble Bug,  Bubble Bounce,  Bayern Kurve, 36-Foot Carousel, Spider Mania,  Dancing Pavilion, Apollo 2000, Cotton Candy, Hot Coco, Cookies, Pretzels, Sub Sandwiches, Churros, Funnel Cakes, Candy Shop, Seafood, Chinese Food, Popcorn, Corn Dogs, Candy Apples, Beer Stand, Waffles & Pancakes, Tea, Salads, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Maps, T-Shirts, Stuffed Animals, Foam Fingers, Glow Sticks, Wacky Caterpillar and Flat Rides, Foods/Drinks/Souvenirs/Facilites , Roller Coasters, Transports rides,Pool Slides,/Rides, Animals, Arcade/Carnivals and Scenery in General